About Us




"A dynamic and energetic company with focus on brand development, marketing and network distribution for automotive parts and acceesories, golf equipment and related parts."


To be a unique but specialized distribution company providing quality and value added service in automotive and golf industry.


  • Provide quality products with professional services to our valued customers
  • Always exceed customer expectation 
  • Differentiate from competitors

Products included:

  • Auto Starter Battery - Lucas, Varta Asia
  • Car Care Product - UK Autoglym
  • Lubrication and Chemical - France Accor, Texas Oil and coolant
  • Denso Parts and Refrigerant
  • Battery Smart Charger – Ctek
  • Battery Analyzer – Ctek, Argus
  • Golf Cart/Equipment Parts and Acceesories - R&R, Nivel Parts and Eagle One
  • High Pressure Cleaner, Car Wash and Dilution System - Mosmatic and Hydro
  • OEM Air Conditioning Parts For Commercial Vehicles

Our customers include:

  • Retail shop
  • Showroom, authorised service centre and work shop
  • Fleet customers
  • Bus and taxi operators
  • Airport and tunnel operators
  • Yacht service workshop

Our 70s management team supported by 80s team members is the driving force to lead the company for a steady growth in the past 10 years.