Our Products

XC 0.8 | Perfect 6v charging for vintage cars and mopeds

XS 0.8 | Compact 0.8a charging for mc and small batteries

MXS 3.6 | All-round charging with basic functions

MXS 5.0 | Advanced charging with temperature compensation

MXS 7.0 | Powerful charging for slightly larger batteries

MXS 10 | Professional charging in consumer form

MXS 25 | Powerful and efficient charging for work and leisure

MXS 25000 EXTENDED | The perfect workshop charger

MXTS 70 50 | The Ultimate Workshop Charger

Battery Analyzer

MXTS 70 50 | The Ultimate Workshop Charger

Comfort Connect Extension Cable 2.5

Comfort Connect Clamps

Comfort Connect Eyelet M6|M8|M10

Comfort Connect Cig Plug

Comfort Connect Cig Socket

Comfort Indicator Clamps

Comfort Indicator Eyelet M6|M8

Comfort Indicator Panel M8 1,5m|3,3m


Wall Hanger 300

Wall Hanger Pro

Trolley Pro

Argus AA-1000RP

Argus AA-1000

Report Printer for AA-1000